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Mar 19, 2011 12:00am EDT
. thousands killed and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit, japan shifted eight feet. 15 minutes later, 30 foot waves smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretch add cross the pacific, in its wake a nuclear crisis spins out of control. hello, i'm shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan. over the past 10 days a nation of 127 million people face what's their prime minister said is the most severe crisis since worpd war ii. japan is no stranger to disaster, man made and natural n 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. but today, the nuclear melt down is having globe wral repercussions, threatening lives, economy and the environment. and the human spirit to survive endures. a look at first first 10 days of the disaster unfolded on fox news. >> march 11th, 2011, just a normal day in japan. and in the middle of the night in the united states. >> union blos boss played a huge role apparently... >> this is a fox news alert from new york, breaking news out of japan. a massive 7.9 earthquake shaking buildings in tokyo.
FOX News
Mar 18, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. thousands killed. and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit, japan shifted 8 feet. 15-mile-per-hours later, 30-foot waves smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretched across the pacific and in its wake a cascading nuclear crisis spins out of control. hello, i'm shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan for fox news reporting. over the past ten days, a nation of 127 million people faces what their prime minister says is the most severe crisis since world war ii. japan, of course, is no strange to disaster. both manmade and natural. in 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. but today, the nuclear meltdown is having global repercussions, threatening lives, the economy and the environment. yet in the midst of it all, the human spirit to survive endures. a look at how the first ten days of this disaster in japan unfolded on fox news. march 11, 2011. just a normal day in japan. in the middle of the night in the united states. >> the union losses who have played such a huge role apparently -- >>> this is a fox news ale
FOX News
Mar 12, 2011 12:00am EST
alert. >> and it's 2:00 in the afternoon in japan. the area rocked by the massive 8.9 earthquake just getting hit again by another major earthquake this, time a 6.8 quake followed by several smaller tremblers and part of more than 125 after shocks that have taken place and will likely continue to take place for next days and weeks. there is no word on whether this latest one caused any additional damage or injuries as we take a look at the video coming in over the last 24 hours or so. hundreds of people are now confirmed dead, thousands of still missing. after the initial quake that trigger that had deadly tsunami. a badly damaged roads are making rescue attempts nearly impossible in some ports of northeastern japan. authorities are saying they just can't reach an area along the coast where up to 300 people were killed. >> and making matters worse officials are concerned at this hour about two of the country's nuclear plants, five reactor units, two of them and they're in a state of emergency. all five reactors suffering cooling problems after being shut down following the quake and p
FOX News
Mar 11, 2011 9:00pm EST
. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> >> sean: tragedy and devastation in japan. the nation was able to begin assessing the damage caused by an 8.9 offshore earthquake one of the biggest to hit the country. the quake triggered a massive tsunami with waves measuring up to 23 feet, ships, homes and cars were swept away. 50 plus aftershocks were reported. rescue workers searched for hundreds. according to media outlets more than 240 are dead the death toll is expected to exceed 1,000. some fear it could be higher. japanese officials have more than rescue and recovery on their hands. japan was forced to clear a nuclear emergency for five reactors after the quake blew out the cooling systems at two nuclear power plants. radiation levels have reportedly surged and the pressure inside the reactors rising to 1,000 times their normal levels. officials have ordered a wide area of evacuation. the affects are being felt here in the united states as tsunami warnings spread across the pacific. high waves hit hawaii, evacuations were ordered for cities up and down the west coast. joining u
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Mar 14, 2011 9:00pm EDT
to hannity. over the next hour all the breaking developments from japan. i'll be joined live by our own shepard smith on the ground in toke but the latest. all eyes on the fukushima power plant. moments ago officials heard a second explosion. it is believed the uranium fuel rods in each of the three reactors are melting down. more than a half million have been evacuated. today another explosion injured eleven workers. friday's quake knocked out the cooling system efforts to cool the meting rods using thousands of gallons of seawater are ongoing. on japan's eastern seaboard is being described as a tide of bodies. estimated 2,000 victims have washed ashore. crematoriums in the region are filled. authorities are scrambling to locate body bags. the official death toll is mounting a police chief said an estimated 10,000 are believed to be dead in his province alone. food and water shortages are complicated -- are complicating this crisis. temperatures near freezing as millions are without power. let me bring in shepard smith live in tokyo. >> shepard: sean, good morning from folk yo. just pa
FOX News
Mar 15, 2011 9:00pm EDT
in japan this morning who are wondering whether they are getting the right information and whether the radioactive levels they are being told are accurate. no one can know. including the government which has not given up all the information it has had in times past and tepco which has given enact tphreufgts in times past. a lot of people -- inaccurate information in times past. >> sean: radiation that causes severe cancer, thyroid, bone cancer, leukemia. i want to go through these reactors within by one. reactor number 1 began leaking radiation if we recall saturday. they vented the air that triggered the explosion there. there's the fear the fuel rods are melting on reactor 1. reactor 2, they did the explosion the day before and the rods similarly overheated and we expect a meltdown in there. reactor number 3, they suffered a hydrogen explosion. that's believed to be melting down. now reactor number 4 seems to be going in the direction of number 1. it looks like, you know that every reactor now four of the six are problematic. >> shepard: they are. in fact we've been able to get s
FOX News
Mar 15, 2011 12:00am EDT
. and temperatures are nearing the freezing point as millions of people are with out power across japan. for more let me bring in fox news anchor shepherd smith live in tokyo. shep? >> good morning from tokyo. just past 10:00 a.m. here, we're getting information about how they believe this happened. happened just after sun rise here in japan about 190 miles north of us. at the reactor number two. remember, one in three had explosions over last four days. in overnight hours, just before sun rise, they were no longer able to get sea water into cover these fuel rods. for some reason they couldn't make it happen anymore ai. number of failed safes had broken down and two and a half meters were exposed, meaning they heated up quickly. and steam escaped. part of a building exploded around it, not so-to-say final containment area drks not to say nuclear radiation and part cells were sent flying into the air. so there was an explosion there. the tokyo electric power company that own that's facility says it evacuated a number of employees but leaving 50 employees behind. they thought this pressure would b
FOX News
Mar 16, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. >> sean: the remember of a nuclear meltdown in japan escalated today. the water in a pool used to cool the fuel rods dried up completely. shepard smith will join us live from tokyo in just a minute. also, juan williams will join me to discuss the president's lack of leadership in this crisis and others. major show down between michelle bachmann and anthony weiner. >> first in japan here's what we know. when that water dries up officials say the temperature in those reactors will increase putting officials on alert for melting fuel rods and suns -- and explosions. american authorities say the pool is out of water. japanese officials are denying those reports. tepco the operator of the nuclear plant says it is nearing completion of a new powerline that would restore electricity and revive the ability to cool the troubled reactors. once finished officials say they will try it as soon as possible. will that be soon enough? joining me on all of this, shep smith is live in tokyo. shep, this is just actually crossing the wires now as we come on the air. apparently helicopters are dropping in
FOX News
Mar 17, 2011 9:00pm EDT
and japan. we start with japan. radiation leaking into the atmosphere is already here. shepard spit is live in tokyo. steve harrigan is on the ground in libya with the latest from that embattled nation. newt gingrich on the president's reaction to these crises in a moment. first, dhs officials have confirmed two flights departing tokyo, one bound for chicago the other for dallas set off radiational alarms when they arrived yesterday. the presence of low radiation levels in travelers luggage and the cabin filtration system no passengers were quarantined and the cargo was cleared. on the chicago flight small amounts were detected in the air fill system and luggage, it was also detected on passengers. u.s. customs officials are denying that. dhs has started screening passengers and cargo coming into l.a.x. from japan. as the golden state braces for a potentially dangerous radioactive plume coming from japan. the united states projects the plume will drift across the pacific hitting the aleutian islands first then southern california, late tomorrow. joining me on this and more is shepard smith.
FOX News
Mar 21, 2011 9:00pm EDT
at the nuclear reactors in japan continues. >> we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right here, right now. >> the president has a new war in libya. airstrikes led by a multi-national force lit up the sky for much of the day as the allied attacks began to target the capital city of tripoli. we go to our own steve harrigan. he is standing by live in tripoli. >> reporter: sean this is the third night in a row we've seen heavy incoming and outgoing attacks in the city of 1.5 million. four hours ago it began with loud explosions, one mile from where i'm standing in the direct of colonel qadhafi's compound. those explosions, immediately fired by anti-aircraft fire from several points. it is not clear whether the attacks were coming from planes or missiles. the anti-aircraft was immediate and loud the third time we've seen that each attack lasted 30 minutes. as far as the rebel fighters their position has solid tide they've retaken control of benghazi. they are pushing -- pushing forward to retake city -- cities they've lost. qadhafi has not been seen on television since friday. he's making phon
FOX News
Mar 22, 2011 9:00pm EDT
these events in libya, the events in japan. the president brackets, rio, golfing, distraction, at a time of economic crisis. does this inspire you more to run? does this increase your resolve or have no affect at all? >> i think the lack of leadership, the lack of consistency, the lack of professionalism, combined with real confusion. things like relying on the international community instead of the united states congress. all those things make it seem to be more important to have somebody who believes in american sensealism. somebody who believes in the contusion -- american exceptionalism, somebody who believes in the constitution. so from that standpoint, i think the obligation as a citizen to seriously consider it gets higher we you look at the damage being done by in administration on so many different fronts. >> sean: mr. speaker, serious times. we need strong leadership, no doubt about it. as sarah palin said, november 2012 can't come soon enough. thanks for being with us. >> coming up stuart varney and dana perino analyze the president's response at home. what is the real reason
FOX News
Mar 29, 2011 9:00pm EDT
for is -- >> it is devastating. what is surprising is japan is best equipped to deal with tsunami and earthquake disasters and you has happened with them. i think what is going on with the nuclear reactors is good for us to examine our nuclear reactors. i don't think we should change our energy policy because of what is going on in japan. >> sean: no. we need nuclear power. we need to drill baby drill. you agree with drilling? >> those pictures show mother nature no matter how prepared mother nature with always win those battles. you have to do everything you can to try to prevent. >> sean: this billboard is going up on the southside of chicago. actually march 29th and 30th, pro-life billboards. as you see, every 21 minutes our next leader is aborted. abortion is black genocide is the headline. there's a picture of barack obama. what is your reaction? >> this is what happens when you have a very heated particular subject matter. abortion has always been there. president obama is a pro-choice person, so am i and many americans are. >> sean: we break down politics with demographics, old, young, white americ
FOX News
Mar 23, 2011 9:00pm EDT
's a natural. i miss the host what is going on now. i miss not being there in the middle of a scene when japan is undergoing what it is undergoing or discussing libya or egypt. you like to be in the hunt. but on the other hand, i have more time with my family. i'm one of the coaches of my son's little league team. i spend more time here. i'm also involved in doing some other things. i'm going to do a comedy tour starting in may. in fact, you are going to see me at west bury. >> sean: i honestly look forward it to. let me ask you, let's be honest, we work in a world where there are a lot of people we may describe as narcissistic or egotistical, somewhat. in all the years that we competed together in -- i've never viewed you as anything but somebody that i admired and respected, you are a class act. >> thank you. >> sean: there was never a negative word that i can recall, between us. i think that's kind of rare today. >> yeah, i guess it is. i never believed in that. i always believed as an interviewer it was my role to be a conduit to the public. i never wanted anyone to fail. i like my busines
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)